On 25-26 January 2020 CONIFA held its annual General Assembly to reflect on the activities of the previous year and to discuss the World Cup to be held on 30 May – 7 June 2020 in North Macedonia.

Member delegations from national football associations travelled from all over the globe to the island of Jersey for the two-day General Assembly (GA) of CONIFA, which was hosted by the Parishes of Jersey. The GA reflected on the successful European Championships of June 2019 which were held in Artsakh and gave rightful praise to the main organiser of the event, CONIFA Europe President Alberto Rischio. The president and general secretary of CONIFA were re-elected and the budget was approved.

Six applicants to CONIFA were officially admitted as new members. One of the newly admitted football associations was the Football Association West Papua, which was unanimously approved as a new member. The Football Association West Papua had been provisionally admitted by the Executive Committee six months before and the national team played a match in October 2019 against East Turkestan and one in December 2019 against Tamil Eelam.

Mr. Jeroen Zandberg, representing the Football Association West Papua, held a presentation about West Papua and the national football association to inform the participants of the General Assembly about the struggle of the Papuan people and the activities of the football association since its establishment in 2017, including the matches it has played against teams from Kurdistan, the Southern Cameroons and others.

Alberto Rischio (CONIFA Europe President) and Jeroen Zandberg

Jens Jockel (CONIFA Asia President) and Jeroen Zandberg